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Policy Trend Report 2001/2002

Author:  IGES Forest Conservation Project
Policy Report / Research Report | 2003/03 | Language: English
Publisher: IGES | Copyright: IGES | Page No./Total No. of Pages: 150.

[Table of Contents]
- Preface
- Trends in China's forest-related policies - from the perspective of the growing timber trade / Masanobu YAMANE and Wenming LU
- Trends in Malaysian Forest Policy / Weng-Chuen WOON and Haron NORINI
- Trends in Forest Policy of the Philippines / Juan M. PULHIN
- Farm Tree Planting and the Wood Industry in Indonesia : a Study of Falcataria Plantations and the Falcataria Product Market in Java / Akihiko NEMOTO
- The Participatory Forestry Management System in Indonesia / Naoyuki SAKUMOTO
- Trends in Indonesian Forest Policy / Wahjudi WARDOJO and Nur MASRIPATIN
- Participatory Forest Management in India - An Analysis of Policy Trends amid 'Management Change' - / Kulbhushan BALOONI
- A Review of Forest Policy Trends in Bangladesh - Bangladesh Forest Policy Trends - / Md. Millat-e-MUSTAFA
- Analyzing Participatory Trends in Nepal's Community Forestry / Mohan WAGLEY and Hemant OJHA
- Recent Developments in International Treaties Relating to Forests / Richard G. TARASOFSKY

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Area: Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services
Task: Forest Conservation
Region: China, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines

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