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Jizokukanouna Kaihatsumokuhyoni kansuru Kokusaidoko

Tokyo Tech-IGES-UNU-IAS Joint Briefing Paper


 Vol. / Issue: Vol. 1
Author: Masahiko Iguchi; Olsen, Simon Hoiberg and Miyazawa, Ikuho
Discussion Paper / Working Paper | 2013/01 | Language: Japanese
Publisher: IGES, Tokyo Insitute of Technology, UNU-IAS(Japan) | Copyright: IGES, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and UNU-IAS

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SDGs_Briefing_Paper_1_en_final.pdf 259 KB
SDGs_Briefing_Paper_1_jp_final.pdf 376 KB
Area: Integrated Policies for Sustainable Societies
Task: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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