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Japan's Public Procurement Policy of Legal and Sustainable Timber

Japan's Public Procurement Policy of Legal and Sustainable Timber

Editor: Lopez-Casero, Federico and Scheyvens, Henry
Policy Report / Research Report | 2007/11 | Language: English
Publisher: IGES(Hayama) | Copyright: IGES | Page No./Total No. of Pages: p.98.

This report presents the results of IGES research on public timber procurement policy to date. It includes a comparative analysis between Japan’s policy and those of several European countries. In addition to providing recommendations for further strengthening Japan’s policy, the report identifies a generic set of elements that public timber procurement policies must include to be effective. The report is thus directed not only at Japan’s policymakers, but at a broader audience concerned that procurement policies should support the wise stewardship of natural resources.

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Area: Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services
Task: Forest Conservation
Region: Asia, Japan, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, France, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Europe

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