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The page lists the news sources of IGES EnviroScope, the selected web sites deal with environmental and sustainable development issues. Now 51 news sources are registered.

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RSS feed:Institute of Development Studies, U.K., (IDS)
New DFID Human Development Resources Centre website now live (2012/5/28)
New Human Development Resource Centre website shares unique collection of resources on health, nutrition and education. These represent research in action, responding directly to development programming and policy needs, and shared for the benefit of ...
A new alliance for food security, or a two-track Africa? (2012/5/24)
As global leaders pledge to banish food insecurity, Ian Scoones warns that the fixes on offer wont bring long-term sustainable development to African agriculture.
IDS Alumni Dinner in Brighton (2012/5/24)
IDS Research Associate Richard Longhurst and the Director of Teaching and Alumni Relations, Robert Nurick hosted an alumni dinner in Brighton.
Towards sustainable development: Have your say (2012/5/22)
IDS hosts debate on how integrating social protection, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction can contribute to sustainable development.
Africa's first Human Development Report on food security fails to"put the last first" (2012/5/18)
With world leaders discussing food security at the G8 summit this week, Lawrence Haddad's reflects on Africa's Human Development Report,"Towards a Food Secure Future".
IDS Director hosts Alumni dinner in Tokyo (2012/5/17)
In March 2012, Lawrence Haddad hosted an Alumni dinner in Tokyo, Japan.
A new development paradigm? China and Brazil in African agriculture (2012/5/16)
A new body of IDS research explores the impact of the rising powers on African agriculture.
IDS Alumni Dinner in Mexico City (2012/5/15)
IDS Fellow Andy Newsham hosted an alumni dinner in Mexico City in March.
Deepta Chopra hosts an IDS Alumni Reunion in Delhi (2012/5/15)
IDS Fellow Deepta Chopra hosted an alumni lunch at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi in January.
Sustainable Development Goals do we really need another set of international targets? (2012/5/14)
IDS and ODI host Westminster debate on the future and feasibility of the proposed Sustainable Development Goals.
Social protection for food security: Report to shape international action (2012/5/14)
High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition, part of the UN Committee on World Food Security, commissions synthesis report on social protection for food security. Listen to Vincent Gitz, Coordinator of the High Level Panel, and IDS Fel ...
Tax is the most stable source of revenue for developing countries (2012/5/14)
ICTD Chief Executive and Research Director give evidence to UK parliamentary inquiry into tax and developing countries.
New Flagship Programmes (2012/5/11)
IDS has launched six multi-year programmes to deliver new policy solutions to key development challenges to improve the lives of poor and vulnerable people.
Deprivation, distribution and the political economy of poverty: Is poverty research about the non-poor as much as the poor? (2012/5/8)
A new paper reveals that we need to ask different questions about poverty, and focus on distribution not just deprivation.
IDS launches paper on human security and next generation of development goals (2012/5/4)
IDS fellows discuss what comes after the MDGs with colleagues from CAFOD and DfID at Sussex Development Debate which launches new paper from IDS on human security and post 2015 framework.
Practice in Participation - developing a Southern knowledge portal (2012/5/4)
New Practice in Particpation portal for sharing and learning about cross-cutting participatory practices across South-East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America.
A new post 2015 global covenant for development (2012/5/2)
Shadow Secretary of State for International Development Ivan Lewis MP reflects on what a post 2015 framework might look like
Two years on: How is DFID working under the Coalition Government? (2012/5/1)
IDS Director Lawrence Haddad reflects on DFIDs progress and asks some of his blogs readers what they think.
Reflections from researching social impacts of the food, fuel and financial crises (2012/4/25)
Rasmus Heltberg at the World Bank reflects on what he learnt from undertaking research into the social impacts of the food, fuel and financial crises.
Appropriating nature: green grabbing (2012/4/25)
New IDS research on'green grabbing': the appropriation of land and resources for environmental ends interrogates who are the winners and losers.

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