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マルチモデル分析に基づく気候政策を分析する オープンソースツールの開発 (Development of an open-source, simple analysis tool of mitigation scenarios from IAMs)

In 第34回エネルギーシステム・経済・環境コンファレンス 25-26 January, 2017 (Tokyo, Japan)

The integrated assessment model (IAM) provide key information to allow policymakers to understand the possible outcomes of alternative development and climate policy scenarios. However, the complexity and large size of information resulting from IAMs, prevents straightforward communication of key insights to policy makers, unless a “translation channel” is present. Compilation of data from multiple IAMs into a consistent format is fundamental for effective dissemination of model insights to policymakers and academics involved in climate policy. To fulfill this aim, a tool was developed to serve a two-fold purpose: gathering of IAM scenario data into a consistent dataset, and straightforward visualization of key data from multiple IAMs. The approach adopted in the development of the tool can be potentially applied to any IAM MIP that follows the IAMC data submission format. Moreover, the tool can be delivered as a hands-on tool for non-experts to visualize with minimum effort the information from mitigation scenarios.