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In 環境経済・政策学会2018年大会 2018年9月8日ー9日、上智大学四谷キャンパス

This presentation outlines the analysis results of a questionnaire survey targeting the households in Hyogo prefecture, which received the ‘Uchi-eco Diagnosis’ (A tool to check the household energy use and recommend carbon mitigation countermeasures). It is indicated that solar PV and energy efficient water heaters have been largely applied in the sampled households. Whereas, large potential remains for the replacement of energy efficient air conditioners and refrigerators. Around 40% of the samples (42.5%) installed home energy management system (HEMS), among which, about 35% received the subsidy from HEAA. Many sampled households (62.1%) had the experience of achieving subsidies for energy saving and carbon mitigation. But only 9% of the samples utilized the low-interest loan provided by the government of Hyogo. The results confirm that the lifestyle efforts of households are not significantly associated with the visualization approach (HEMS installation) and the economic incentives. The replacements for low carbon equipment (i.e., solar PV, room insulation reform, air conditioner, energy efficient water heater, etc.) are significantly associated with the visualization approach and availability of economic incentives. As the suggestions, the ‘Uchi-eco Diagnosis’ shall provide more information about cost and benefit of the recommended countermeasures to help the household investment decision making. The information dissemination of low-interest loan of Hyogo government shall be enhanced and lowering the interest (i.e., from 0.8% to 0.3%) might greatly increase household application of the loan for low carbon replacement.