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陸域における生物多様性と生態系サービスの より良い利用のための定量的評価手法の開発

Natori Yoji
Hattori Tetsu
Tomita Motoshi
Iwabuchi Tsubasa
Kamiyama Chiho
Tsuda Masaki

Biodiversity is largely regarded as an economic externality, and development activities consider it only marginally. However, by providing a renewable natural capital, biodiversity forms the basis of social development. As a step towards realizing sustainable development which harmonizes human activities and ecosystem services (ES), we are developing the Land Health Index (LHI). This index 1) visualizes the importance, value, and state of biodiversity, and 2) indicates positive actions for conservation, so that every member of society can understand the changes in their natural capital and what needs to be done.