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Developing Adaptation Policies in the Agriculture Sector: Indonesia’s Experience
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Developing Adaptation Policies in the Agriculture Sector: Indonesia’s Experience

In Climate Change Adaptation in Practice: From Strategy Development to Implementation 1
Kiki Kartikasari
Doddy Juli Irawan

The Government of Indonesia has been developing adaptation policies for the agriculture sector in recent years. In the process of preparation, many issues are identified, discussed and addressed by related projects with the aid of donor agencies. It goes without saying that the GOI needs to secure appropriate fund sources to scale up the existing programmes and/or implement additional activities, prioritizing actions and developing associate institutional capacity/mechanism would be essential. The NCCC and ICCFT are expected to play an important role in coordinating with ministries and foreign donors. More importantly, institutional capacity development is essential for at both the national and local levels for sustainability of the adaptation efforts. In Indonesia there are already good mechanisms of technology transfer to farmers and there exist opportunities to learn from experts and consultants from donor agencies. This type of investment may seem invisible but will pay off in the long run. Strengthened capacity of farmers’ groups will become the basis of development for agro-business in Indonesia for years to come.

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