IGES Kyoto Units Transfer Database


The IGES Kyoto Units Transfer Database (CP1 & CP2) aims to provide compiled information on issuance, international transfer, retirement, and cancellation of Kyoto units from each Annex I country or among different Annex I countries for the first and second commitment periods of the Kyoto Protocol (CP1 and CP2). The information is extracted from publicly available sources on national registries from the UNFCCC website and the data includes the latest information available at the time of its update.

This database is freely available for use.
Recommended citation: Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (2019), Kyoto Units Transfer Database (CP1), version 10.1. Source:
All copyrights are reserved. The source must be clearly stated when this database is reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means.


July 2018 update:
• Addition of an integrated Macro Transactions sheet, showing total amounts of units transfer over time.
• Addition of Total Values for all Accounts in Accounts_CP1 and CP2 sheets.
• Renewed Analytics sheet with new charts.
• Improved data visualisation.
• Addition of a Table of Contents in the Guidance sheet with links to each sheet.
• Release of previously hidden sheets showing detailed unit transfer between Parties for each year (for CP1).
• Addition of units (CER and ERU) carried over from CP1 to CP2 and voluntary cancellation data (for CP2)
• Addition of Kyoto Units data for 2017 for both
• Addition of a Total ERU Transfer sheet (for CP2)