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IGES List of Grid Emission Factors


The List of Grid Emission Factors aims to provide information to be utilized for research and analysis regarding grid emission factors. Grid Emission Factor refers to CO2 emission factor (tCO2/MWh) which will be associated with each unit of electricity provided by an electricity system. It is a parameter to determine the baseline emissions for CDM projects in the renewable energy sector (hydro, wind, solar PV, and geothermal power, etc.) and waste heat/gas recovery sector. The information of relevant items are extracted from the publicly available sources on the UNFCCC web-site. This data analysis utilises project information listed on the IGES CDM Project Database. For further information on individual project activities, please refer to the relevant databases.

This database is freely available for use.
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New in the version 10.3 (end of August 2018 update):
Update of official grid emission data of Armenia and Mongolia.