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Integrative Strategic Research Programme of IGES for the Sixth Phase


This document sets out IGES’s Integrative Strategic Research Programme for the Sixth Phase (ISRP6), a three-year programme which started in April 2013. In April 2012, IGES became a public interest incorporated foundation, and essential matters will now be defined and managed under a newly structured Board of Trustees and Board of Directors. Under this new structure, through a series of discussions, the Integrative Strategic Research Programme for the Sixth Phase was ultimately approved by the Board of Trustees on 12 February 2013, after obtaining agreement from the Board of Directors on 29 January 2013.

The research fields of IGES in the Sixth Phase will be further consolidated to fall under three pillars of sustainable development, “Environment”, “Economic” and “Social” aspects. The three research areas related to the environment aspect, namely “Climate and Energy”, “Sustainable Consumption and Production” and “Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services”, will focus on issues related to the sustainable use and management of environmental elements that make up the foundation upon which humans conduct stable socio-economic activities, such as climate, atmosphere, water, soil and forests, and the institutional frameworks for their use and management. The research area of “Green Growth and Green Economy”, vital to developing Asia and the world, is placed under the economic aspect. The research area of “Integrated Policies for Sustainable Development” is placed under the third social aspect and deals mainly with social issues such as participation, social inclusion and empowerment, without which the shift to sustainable societies is impossible.