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Integrative Strategic Research Programme of IGES for the Fourth Phase
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Integrative Strategic Research Programme of IGES for the Fourth Phase


The IGES Board Meeting held in February 2006 approved “The Basic Framework of the Future Research Strategy at IGES beyond FY 2006”, which was a summary of the major points contained in the paper entitled “IGES Research Strategy beyond FY 2006” tabled for the preceding Informal Meeting. In the paper the establishment of a Programme Management Office (PMO) was proposed to develop the Integrative Strategic Research Programme (ISRP) of IGES, in particular, for the fourth research phase.
The PMO was established on 1 April 2006. Subsequently, a series of actions were taken to develop an ISRP. Between April and June, regular PMO meetings, a PMO retreat and an all-IGES meeting were held to solicit ideas from all IGES staff for subjects to be studied in the Fourth Phase. The Programme Managing Director regularly reported the progress to the Project Leaders (PL) meetings and submitted the first draft of the ISRP to the Board of Directors (BOD) meeting in June 2006. The BOD welcomed the progress made by the PMO, and supported the basic thinking and directions of the draft. Since June the programme has been further developed, taking into account comments and advice received at the BOD and other meetings. Detailed discussions on each project proposals were made at a series of bilateral meetings with IGES President, and close coordination had been secured through a PMO retreat and PMO meetings. The second draft of the ISRP, dated 15 December, was circulated among the members of the BOD, the Board of Trustees (BOT), the Research Advisory Committee (RAC), and other selected external reviewers in December 2006. The second all-IGES meeting was held on 12 January 2007 to provide a forum to share views on the second draft among all staff members. On 27 February 2007, the Nineteenth Informal Meeting of Directors and Trustees of IGES reviewed the final draft. Based on the presentations made by researchers, clarifications were made on remaining points and valuable suggestions were obtained to further improve the draft. This paper presents the final outcome of the best efforts in understanding and integrating these valuable comments from members of the BOD, the BOT and the RAC, as well as from external reviewers. In revising drafts of ISRP and its project components, transparency was ensured as major points of discussions were made available to all staff though the computer network.
This paper together with individual project proposals and other document attached constitutes the “Integrative Strategic Research Programmes for IGES for the Fourth Phase”.