Research Report

Mainstreaming Transport Co-benefits Approach: A Guide to Evaluating Transport Projects


For the past three years, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) has been conducting research on co-benefits. This research has demonstrated that quantifying co-benefits is essential to mainstreaming climate and development concerns into project appraisals, policymaking processes, and international climate negotiations. IGES research has also shown that, while it is important to quantify co-benefits, policymakers in developing Asia frequently lack the time, resources, and training to conduct standard cost-benefit analyses. These difficulties are compounded in the transport sector due to a large number of actors, frequent limits on data, and a wide range of feedbacks. Hence a simple intuitive tool to support the quantification of co-benefits of transport projects and policies is much needed.

IGES has been working closely with researchers at Nihon University in Tokyo, Japan and associated organizations in Thailand and the Philippines to develop such a tool. “Mainstreaming a Transport Co-benefits Approach: A Guide to Evaluating Transport Projects” represents the result of these efforts. The guidelines or TCG, provide a set of user-friendly, step-by-step instructions for policymakers, transport planners, and development specialists interested in quantifying co-benefits of transport projects in Asia.

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