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Peer Review of the research projects in the 2nd Phase of IGES(FY2001-2003)


To ensure accountability of each research project, and to provide a mechanism of transparency to its stakeholders, IGES conducts Project Peer Review every three years, inviting a Peer Review Panel composed of three externally based experts.
The PPR system was officially introduced from fiscal year 2004 after a test run Peer Review in February 2004 on the Climate Policy Project. The rest of the research projects of the 2nd Phase are peer reviewed by the end of fiscal year 2004 so that the review results will be reflected in the 3rd Phase strategic research of IGES.

-IGES Peer Review Principles
-Climate Policy Project (17-19 February 2004)
-Urban Environmental Management Project (22-24 June 2004)
-Project Response to the Peer Review Report
-Forest Conservation Project (14-16 July 2004)
-Environmental Education Project (6-8 September 2004)
-Long-Term Perspective and Policy Integration Project (6-8 April 2005)