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Sustainable Development and Coastal Disasters: Linking Policies to Practices

In Sustainable Development and Disaster Risk Reduction

Coastal areas are the driver of economic development, yet, over the last decade, more than 60 % of disaster losses have been confined to the coastal area. While on the one hand, the world has witnessed some deadly geo-hydro hazards in the past decade, rapid onset of climate change is also likely to intensify a range of hydrometeorological disasters impairing the world’s coast. Undoubtedly, this has severe developmental consequences. Furthermore, continual coastward migration, land development, urbanization, and loss of vital ecosystem services trigger a new set of worries in order to sustainably develop and manage coastal areas. Against this backdrop, this chapter highlights the key linkages between sustainable development and disaster risk reduction in coastal areas and addresses the emerging challenges in coastal zone management. The chapter provides an integrated framework and rationale for sustainable development of coastal areas with effective incorporation of disaster risk reduction. In conclusion, the chapter identifies some of the existing hindrances and provides an advocacy of ecosystem-based risk reduction in coastal areas.

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