Policy Report
Urban Environmental Management Challenges in Asia
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Urban Environmental Management Challenges in Asia


Urban environmental management is a challenge faced by many cities in Asia. At the same time, developing cities in Asia confront a number of other issues as well. While on the one hand some cities are enjoying the benefits of rapid economic growth, many of these cities are also experiencing a huge influx of poor from the surrounding areas, and some cities are unable to control urban sprawl. While it could be said that environmental problems are the result of economic development, it is also true that economic development can be a key to solve at least some of the environmental problems. Understanding these issues and their driving forces is paramount to improve overall urban environmental problems. At the same time, there are a number of actions being taken both at the local and national level towards addressing the urban problems.
The present report entitled Urban Environmental Management Challenges in Asia addresses the problems and issues on urban environmental management in Asian cities and the policy and actions being implemented.

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